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The Gift I'm Most Excited to Give

Beth PacykComment

I hit those Thanksgiving weekend sales pretty hard, but even with all those great deals, the gift I'm most excited about giving is recycled from last year and mostly homemade. I bought these Yes Cards from Caravan Shoppe last year for $4 and they ended up being one of my kids' favorite gifts. 


You just download the cards, print them off on card stock, and fill in with activities you will say "YES" to when the card is redeemed. They are easily customized for children (or for spouses, friends, and siblings) of any age and interests. Here are the activities we added to this year's cards:

  • Extra book at bedtime
  • Manicure by Mom
  • Sleepover in sibling's room
  • Hot chocolate with whipped cream
  • Stay up 15 minutes late
  • Jam session with Dad
  • TV show of your choice
  • Choose a snack from the checkout line

If you are gifting to more than one kiddo, I recommend adding initials to the back of the card. The cards were such a hit last year, we had a yes card thief in the house! 


I hope these Yes Cards bring as much joy to your home Christmas morning as they did to ours!