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Our Favorite Podcasts for Kids

Beth PacykComment

Heading over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house for the holiday? Break up the drive and keep your family entertained with these fun podcasts for kids. 


Wow in the World

This science podcast is my kindergartener's favorite and mine as well because we're both learning! The two quirky hosts talk about recent scientific discoveries and reports in a fun and entertaining program.  They also have a website for more information when a specific story piques your child's curiosity.

Story Pirates

This silly podcast takes stories submitted by kid listeners and performs them as stories and songs. It's like peering inside a kid's brain and then handing the findings over to your most creative friend. 

Circle Round

Folk tales dominate the stories told on this podcast, but they are performed by celebrities the grown-ups can appreciate. I love how the narrator shares the origin of each story to allow for extension activity. My kindergartener loves to look at a map to see how far the story traveled to reach us. 

Stories Podcast 

Although I would say this podcast is less polished than the others I'm sharing, it is the most perfect for quiet time. Because it lacks the theatrics of the others, it's most like you reading a story to your kids. Some of the stories are modern takes of old favorites while others are original tales. 

After Maddie cut through the wire on an expensive pair of headphones, we learned that affordable headphones were the way to go for kids. We like these headphones because they are adjustable, comfortable, have volume control to protect tiny ears, and include a share port so you don't have to travel with a splitter. They come in a variety of colors and make a great gift, too!

We prefer to listen to our podcasts using the free app Overcast. It automatically strips long pauses out in talk shows and normalizes volume so every show and presenter is clear and at the same volume. You can also set up playlists to balance all the podcast requests in your family.

Hope you enjoy checking these out. What is your favorite podcast for kids?