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My Favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Since I've spent the last six years almost continually pregnant, nursing, or moving, I've needed to refresh my closet quite a few times. I love to shop but I hate paying full price. It isn't because I don't find quality items valuable, it's more like I can't stomach paying a fistful of dollars for clothes and accessories when there is work to be done on our home or trips I'd like to take with my family. This has made me a darn good bargain shopper and there are two times a year when I take it to a whole new level - Black Friday and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If shopping were a sport, the Nordy sale and Black Friday would be my marathon. And I think I may have scored a personal best this year! 

There are so many great bloggers out there doing fantastic Nordstrom sale round-ups. They are constantly checking for restocks, doing personal try-ons, and generally totally on top of it! I'm not that girl. I'm just a mom on a budget who is trying to look as cute as possible without spending my kids' college tuition. Here are some of my favorites from this year, both for me and the kids.



I updated my momiform with some fresh tees, a new pair of my trusty denim boyfriends, and a cozy neutral cardigan I'll probably live in come fall. I also hit Zella leggings pretty hard. I'm hoping that these high waisted ones and the similar capri pair can replace my old Lucy hatha favorites that had a crazy price hike last season.

I think the biggest scores for me this year were in beauty where I found a trio of the best deodorant ever on sale. I also scored a giant bottle of the same scent lotion. To put it in perspective, I usually pay over $50 for a small tube and then ration it out throughout the year. Not anymore!! I also grabbed some lash boosting serum that reviews say work just as well or better than Latisse without needing a doctor appointment. 

I usually wait for this sale to buy the kids' new winter coats. The girl option is my favorite with fluffy lining and a much-needed hood. They updated the colors on the boy option this year but it is still reversible if your kid wants to pretend he got two new coats! I size up and so far we've been able to get two years out of each coat. The name brand coats also have a decent resale value when we're done with them so I can make part of our money back. Usually I grab back-to-school sneaks for the kids now, but they were both in good shape. I bet I'll regret not buying the next size of the first purchase that made me obsess over the N Sale in the first place, sparkly Pumas!

Lastly, at this point in my life I have so many friends having babies that I tend to grab great products when I see them on sale to stock away for the many baby showers I'll attend. This Honest Company gift set is filled with practical items at a fantastic deal. 

Happy shopping!