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My Favorite Thank You Notes

Beth PacykComment

I used to be on top of thank you notes, but with three kids and generous family and friends, I'm ashamed to admit how much I've fallen behind. I always manage to get them out eventually, but definitely not always in a timely fashion. Last year for Christmas, we used a service we had previously only used for birthday cards and I got those suckers done in record time! 

Ink Cards is an app you download on your phone or iPad and you can choose a photo from your collection and personalize the message. The service will print and mail your note straight to the recipients saving you a stamp and a trip to the post office. While we lose the thoughtful touch of a handwritten note, we are able to include a photo which adds a different personal touch. 

Last year I took the kids' photos with each gift as they opened it as well as a photo with all of them in front of the tree so we had plenty of options to choose from. I thought people might think we were a bit tacky for them being printed, but we got an overwhelming positive response, especially from older relatives, because they all loved having the photos so much. They cost more than traditional thank you notes for the convenience, $1.99 for a postcard and more than double that for a traditional card in envelope. We buy the credits in bulk when they run sales and use them all throughout the year for birthday cards, get well wishes, and thank you notes. Since I love you all so much, you can try the service and get your first card free

If you prefer a handwritten note, but still struggle to motivate your kiddos to get them done, we've used these free printables from Petite Lemon that feature a mad-libs style card for your kids to fill in. I print them on nice card stock for a professional finish. 


If you don't have access to a printer or what something better suited for all ages, this thank you postcard is lovely and they also make a mad-libs style classic card for kids with envelope. If you're a traditionalist, these kraft paper thank you notes come in bulk and can be used all year long for any age and gender. 


Hope these resources help you get your thank you notes out before the new year!