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Hello World!

Beth PacykComment

Hey there! Let's give this another go....

I think I've started to blog too many times to count and it never seems to stick! I certainly always have a lot to say, but I never seem to get it out in a format for the masses (handful of you actually reading this). Here's why I think (hope) this time will be different:

  1. I still have a lot to say!
    These past few years I've often thought how a craft/recipe/story would make a great blog post. Now hopefully I can remember them all to share with you!
  2. I have time... kinda. 
    My kids are a little bit older. I'll level with you - they're still really really, needy! But at least they give me pockets of time here and there so I can sit and write.
  3. I'm ready for you to hear my voice, run-on-sentences and all.
    Truthfully, I've always been worried about my writing! I'm so chatty in real life, which translates to endless commas and run-on-sentences when I try to write. But it's my voice... so deal with it! :)

My vision is that this blog will be a place to practice writing, something I once enjoyed, but have long been removed from. I want to share my endless DIY projects, kids crafts, and parenting triumphs and fails with you. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!